1. Conciliation Team: Your conciliation team will be made up of two members of the CrossWalk Ministries team. They will serve on a voluntary basis with no financial remuneration. However, it is expected that the time and effort of the team be respected. Therefore, parties will be expected to do projects and obtain needed tools. We recommend additional team members to include your pastor and/or another spiritual leader from your church.

2. Conciliation Phases:

Phase 1 – Intake and Consultation – This is the initial information gathered stage where the first parts of the plan are established.

Phase 2 – Coaching – Prior to mediation each party needs to have a grasp of the purpose and process of the mediation process. Therefore, coaching will take place to ensure that each party is ready.

Phase 3 – Mediation – There will be ground rules and a directed process during the mediation. The parties are the ones that hold the success of the final product. However, the conciliators are responsible to establish the quality of the process.

Phase 4 – Follow up – The mediation phase will provide the parties with a working agreement. Follow up is built in to help the parties work through that agreement. This agreement will be crucial for ongoing counsel and the establishment of lifelong structures and accountability for the parties.

3. Schedule: We will typically set a target date for the mediation. This will dictate the time in which coaching and initial assignments need to be completed. The mediation start-up date may be altered if more time is needed for coaching.