Churches and para-church organizations are not exempt from conflict. Sadly, unresolved conflict is a destructive factor. It disrupts team work, robs crucial ministry hours, squelches momentum, and creates leadership turnover. In that the potential loss is substantial we are motivated to provide guidance, training and a controlled atmosphere to work toward resolution.
How we can help:

Consultation on a Conflict: Sometimes direction can be developed in just a short conversation. Such consultations can be done by phone, messaging or Skype. We provide answers, help develop game plans, and recommend resources.

Conflict Coaching: We can help leadership walk through their own conciliation process. We can provide training, tools, and coaching through the process.

Mediation: We can serve as a mediator in situations where a ministry needs a third party to come in to work through a conflict issue. This may take multiple hours and will require work on the part of parties.

Helping Couples: We can provide supplemental counsel for pastors that need specific conflict issues resolved so that church counseling can continue. Ideally we like for the pastor to join the couple for the session(s).

Seminars: Seminars range from 1 hour to 4 hours. Topics include: basic principles for peacemaking; how to resolve a conflict; creating ministry plans that minimize conflict.