CrossWalk on the Air

Scott RadioCrossWalk Ministries is nearing the end of our 4 month contract with 99.3 FM The Truth Network.  We have enjoyed providing Biblical Counseling and peacemaking principles to Central Iowa. Many have shared that they have heard Pause for Peace on the radio.  Some have listened to the spots on our site (click here). When we offered this opportunity we received generous monetary support.  We are making decisions as to what our next step is concerning the Pause for Peace radio ministry.  If the program has been a blessing please email us (address here)  or go to our feedback page (click here) and simply indicate “radio listener” under the How to be identified section.  

To see Scott on the air talking about PAUSE click here

To donate to this radio ministry and help us get on the air, please send checks to CrossRoad Baptist  attn. CrossWalk Ministries /Radio at 57011 US Highway 30  Ames, Iowa 50010.

To visit 99.3 Truth Network click here.