Got the T-shirt

been thereThere are times in a conflict when the emotional drain has left you with the “Been there done that; got the T-shirt!” attitude.  Your creativity has been totally zapped and you cannot think of any solution other than the ones that you’ve tried over and again.  The S in the PAUSE for Peace principle is to Search for Creative Solutions.  This will require you to explore a little outside of the box you have erected around this conflict.  Working through the previous three steps of PAUSE is a great start (click here).  Logs in your eye, wrong goals for winning and assumption of interests tend to restrict vision.  Break up the logjam and the current of creativity is more likely to flow.

Creativity is also enhanced by a new set of eyes (click here for ideas on this).  There are times when you might need to trust others with skills and knowledge to help you come to solutions.  You should avoid gossiping about the other party, but you can get some excellent coaching on what you can do to move toward solutions.  Peacemaker Ministries offers resources and referrals that can help you come to lasting solutions (click here).

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