Marital Chemistry

chemistryYou and your spouse are like two chemicals that become combustible when mixed.  Your actions and reactions just tend to set each other off.

Early in your marriage the differences brought fireworks that brought spark and energy to your lives.  The addition of busyness and bitterness have created a concoction that simply explodes and rocks the foundation of your marriage.

Understanding how you and your spouse respond when threatened can bring stability to your volatile mixture.  One tendency is to become aggressive and to push for solution – we call them attackers, the other is to run from potential conflict – we call them escapers.   Two attackers have quick combustion, but the smoke clears quickly, but if you have an attacker and escaper the explosion takes longer but the fall out can be more devastating.  Peacemaker Ministries has charted these tendencies on what they call the slippery slope  [click here]

Sometimes there is a need to get help bringing back the chemistry in your marriage.  You can find information on how by clicking here